How we work
Our vision of sustainable design includes everything from the dirt we dig, to the dirt we bring in… the plants we remove, to the plants we use… how we deconstruct built structures to how we rebuild them. City builders cut down the northeastern deciduous forest, and in the process, impacted the natural permeability of the landscape. Sediment loss on barren lands, over decades of heavy rainfalls, has depleted most neighborhoods of all the ‘good dirt’. We recreate native conditions that allow plants, people, and wildlife to thrive. Sustainability includes everything from the way we design the ‘outdoor rooms’ on your site, to the way we dig your beds, always turning up the earth and adding ‘good dirt’ throughout. Landis Garden Design consults with our clients to determine what type of designed landscape they think will work for them. Our initial site visit includes an extensive survey, where we evaluate the logic of the site, and consider which built elements will satisfy the client’s goals.We let the client know which sustainable building practices, if any, might help. We then add in the garden design elements and determine the perfect plant palette and come back to the client with a plan.

We provide Garden Consults, Landscape Design Services, as well as complete landscape installs, including patios, decks, and arbors.