How we work
Landis Garden Design consults with clients to find out what type of  landscape they think will work for them. Do they want an outdoor living room, or a deck for dining, an outdoor kitchen or a fire pit area?  We conduct an extensive survey and consider the logic of the site, to determine which built elements will satisfy the client’s goals. We then consider which sustainable practices, if any, might help. We create two draft site plans and get client feedback before finalizing the site plan and create a planting plan for the site’s design.
Our vision of eco friendly design includes everything from the dirt we dig, to the dirt we bring in.  Sediment loss on barren and developed land, over decades of heavy rainfalls, has depleted most neighborhoods of all the ‘good dirt’.  We enhance the soils of the garden and recreate native conditions that allow plants, people, and wildlife to thrive.
Landis Garden Design creates outdoor rooms that will delight,  and make your garden the place you have always wanted.
We provide Garden Consults by the hour and Landscape Design Services, at $125.00 per hour.  Fees for  Landscape Concept Site Plans and Planting Plans range from $1,200-$5,000, depending on the size and complexities of each project.  We work with licensed and insured masons, carpenters, electricians, and landscape crews, and can provide project management and supervision of build out installations.