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    Photo Credit: Sam Kittner
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We believe in climate change.  Not that it’s good, but that it’s happening.  This makes us want to be more sustainable… to have less impact on the earth.  We want to help in the regeneration of the habitats around us… starting one garden at a time.
As sustainable designers we’re experienced in creating landscapes that can be urbane or traditional … contemporary spaces or rustic retreats… meadow or shoreline restorations.
Landis Garden Design blends nature’s designs with structure and scope and with classic and modern design principles.  We compose landscapes which aesthetically delight homeowners and add value to their properties, by creating outdoor rooms with features such as raingardens, bio swales, ‘ripple’ gardens and by using permeable pavements.  All of these elements are invisible on the surface while decreasing rain water run off and protecting the Chesapeake.  We believe that in landscape planning, green design is good design.